How to choose a Snowboard

Snowboarders like Hammer chutes, riding the rails and floating through never ending powder. The best snowboard is the one designed for your kind of terrain.

You will learn quickly on a snowboard and if you are a beginner then you will need to choose a snowboard that will help you improve your skills. It is important to gain a basic knowledge of snowboard type, shapes and sizes so you can get the right board for you.

Snowboard types

Freestyle Boards

Best for getting out and about for extra fun. Freestyle snowboards are short, flexible and light, with twin tips. These are best for the good snowboarders that want to push the limits during their ride anywhere on the mountain. These snowboards do not have as much stability and are not as fast on hard snow.

All-mountain boards

Best for all terrain and conditions. All-mountain snowboards are best for anywhere on a mountain— backcountry, groomed runs, even park and pipe. They may be twin-tip for riding switch, meaning either direction) or directional (meaning downhill only).

Most snowboarders use all-mountain boards, as they are versatile, all-mountain boards are best for beginners who are experimenting different terrain to find what they like best.


Best for climbing in the backcountry. The splitboard  backcountry-specific boards split in half to create two skis and are useful when climbing on virgin backcountry slopes. By reconnecting the two half you can ride downhill. They are perfect for those who like adventure in the backcountry who are confidence and experienced and know how to keep safe whilst exploring remote slopes. A split kit and climbing skins are needed and are bought separately so make sure you choose your gear carefully.

Snowboards for Women and Children

Women’s Snowboards

Women snowboards match a woman’s frame and have narrower waist widths (to cater for smaller feet), they have slightly less camber and softer flex (designed for the way women drive energy into a board).

For women who are taller or have larger feet (size 9 or larger) my do better to consider some of the mens snowboards for a better ride.

See this chart for the best snowboards to choose from.

Snowboards for Children

We know children grow fast and we ask parents not to buy their children adult snowboards in the hope their children will grow into them. To bigger snowboards can be unmanageable for children and will hinder their developing skills. Choosing the right snowboard for the child will build their confidence and increase their enjoyment.

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