A Story of a Boy That Wanted Nothing More Than to Play Video Games All Day Long in the National Parks at Christmas

National Parks at Christmas

A Story of a Boy That Wanted Nothing More Than to Play Video Games All Day Long

Christmas break had finally arrived for young Cameron Mills. He was overjoyed at the thought of not being in school and playing his video games all day long. Should his parents decide to take a family trip or leave the house for any reason, he had his tablet charged and ready with a backup power source so he could play games while they traveled. There was nothing to stop Cameron from having the best Christmas break ever with just him and his video games.

Cameron awoke the first morning of his long-awaited Christmas break to his parents having a conversation about the dreaded family trip. This year they were not making the long road trip to his grandparent’s home, but rather taking a full-fledged family vacation to one of North America’s famed national parks. Cameron quickly became angry with his parents once he was told that he would not be allowed to bring his tablet or any other form of technology along for the trip. They would be staying in at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge for the duration of the trip and Cameron’s parents wanted him to grow an appreciation for nature.

The Dream – National Parks at Christmas

Quite upset and beside himself, Cameron decided to go back to bed hoping that this was all a horrible dream. He went back to sleep quite quickly, but was awakened by something rustling in the room. He opened his eyes to see a very tall and very hairy white bear type creature staring straight at him. The creature began to speak to Cameron.

“Calm down little Cameron and do not be alarmed. I am the abominable snowman and I am here to show you why your trip this year to Yellowstone National Park will be something you will truly enjoy. Now get on my back and let’s take a journey into the national parks of North America and how fun they can be during the cold winter season.”

Cameron was most certainly surprised, but when will there be another time you get the chance to ride on the back of the abominable snowman. So, he proceeded to climb aboard the creature while he formally introduced himself to Cameron by name. “My name is Marv and you are in for a real adventure today.” Said the beast.

The Journey – National Parks at Christmas

Kobuk Valley National ParkMarv and Cameron flew above the tops of the trees above the houses and into the sky. Marv told Cameron to close his eyes really tight because they had to travel at lightning fast speeds in order to make the journey. Cameron complied and soon he awoke to a beautiful arid landscape where the trees were covered in snow. Cameron had never seen anything so beautiful in all his life.

“Where is this place,” said Cameron.

“This is Denali National Park in Alaska,” said Marv.

Cameron saw soaring mountains rising high above the snow-covered valley below. There was a family dogsledding across a field of snow with smiles across their faces. Cameron thought to himself how he had seen dogsledding only on television and never really thought that people actually do the activity in real life. Marv then told Cameron to close his eyes again because they had three more parks to discover.

Moments after Cameron shut his eyes they were opened and inundated with images of vast arches stretching for miles of beautiful desert. Marv told Cameron that they had arrived in Arches National Park in Utah and the arches within the park were formed from many years of wind and water erosion. There was a rather large family making their way over to one of the largest arches for a family photo. Even though the weather was cold, the family did not seem to mind as they went along their hike.

“Alright Cameron, one more park to see today and I think you will really like this one.” Marv said. Cameron closed his eyes tight and when he opened them the two new friends were somewhere deep in the mountains. There was a deer family quietly walking around the snow-covered mountains. It was amazing.

Marv informed Cameron that they had arrived in Great Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee. He showed them the families all over the mountains that were skiing and enjoying the park for its natural beauty. Cameron told Marv that he had never witnessed such beauty in all his life. Marv told Cameron of how the national parks throughout the world are protected landscapes that attract people from all walks of life for the splendor of their beauty and the many activities that bring families closer.

Lake Clark National ParkMarv told Cameron that is journey had come to an end, so he needed to close his eyes once again so they could get back home. Cameron closed his eyes for just a moment, but when he opened them he was back in his bed and Marv had vanished. He could hear his parents second guessing their plans to go to Yellowstone National Park, so he quickly jumped out of bed and ran to them.

”Mom, Dad, I have thought about the national park trip and I want to apologize for overreacting about me not being able to bring my tablet along for the trip. This trip will be great for the family and I do spend too much time in my imaginary world on my devices and miss out on the natural beauty of the world.”

Cameron’s mom and dad were completely stunned, but overjoyed that their son wanted to go on the trip. The family arrived in Yellowstone National Park just in time for the wonderful Christmas Traditions that the Old Faithful Snow Lodge puts on each year for their winter guests. Cameron and his parents had the best Christmas Holiday ever because Cameron was able to put down the technology and see the world for all the wonder and beauty that is within it. Never again will Cameron put technology above the outside world just for the chance to play a few video games.
National Parks at Christmas by Adventure Review 

Yellowstone National Park Photo by Dave Lane

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