Hiking Baby Carrier 2017

When planning a hiking trip with your toddler you may wondering if your standard hiking baby carrier is going to be able to put up with the extra demands of the National Park trails. Here are some of our recommended hiking baby carrier options that are available today. These have all been especially designed for durability and take baby wearing to the next level in safety.

We have reviewed a number of different hiking baby carriers to bring you our recommendation that will best suit any budget, physique and quality standards. All have been selected for their safety and comfort for both our and your baby.

The hiking baby carrier is a little more durable than a standard soft structure baby carriers. The ergonomic design of our recommended baby carriers will ensure your hiking comfort.

  • Weight Distribution. Just the same as a good rucksack, the heavy weight on your back must be spread between shoulders and hips. The difference here is that the weight will be concentrated higher up, and can’t be adjusted as easily as a bag. Look for a sturdy metal frame and padded hip belt to take the weight away from your shoulders and neck.
  • Baby Comfort. With a baby carrier, you’re thinking for two! The best baby carrier for hiking will incorporate sun protection, great visibility and head rests and foot support for a trouble-free walk.
  • Extra Carrying Space. Any hiking trip needs equipment, and your small one does, too.  If your baby carrier carries only baby, it isn’t much use. Packing space and a hydration system are useful if you’re walking further than the store.

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